Shuske Wada, whose charges paralleled those of Toshino, was the official interpreter for the guard group. Akikase was later torpedoed and sunk on 03/11/44 by the US submarine USS Pintado. Sailed from Hong Kong to Nagasaki with 1200 POWs on 19/1/43. Nevertheless, the standard of living in the camps here and in the capital was better than that of most local Koreans. Departed Singapore with 1065 POWs on board bound for Moji (JAPAN) via Manila (Philippines) on 4/7/1944 and arrived in Japan on 9/8/44, the main body of POWs were ex Burma railway and this was the only ship in the 3 ship convoy to carry Australians. We add around 200,000 new records each month. The Japanese minesweeper had struck a Dutch laid mine off the coast and sunk with most hands, along with damage to 2 other Japanese minesweepers. Hundreds of emaciated servicemen were found following the fall of Japan … Up to 8,000 POWs were housed in this, the largest camp in the Philippines. A machine gun was set up on the beach and when the women were waist deep, they were machine-gunned. These were the debriefing reports given by prisoners released from German or Japanese captivity at the end of the Second World War. At the end of the war, the Japanese Armed Forces destroyed all documents … Some POWs testified that they had never received any pay in any form. A complete roster for POWs transported on this ship can be found on the website In most camps blankets were provided by the camp, however, many POWs reported that the severe winter cold adversely affected their health. Jun 8, 2019 - These photographs show the skeletal state of British prisoners in Japan at the end of the Second World War. Record of Management of Prisoners of War, Japan Prisoner of War Bureau. Sailed from Singapore to Nagasaki (Japan) via Takao (Taiwan) and Manila (Philippines) departed 3/6/44 arrived finally on 21/6/44 with 450 POWs. The four others were recaptured by Imperial Japanese naval vessels, where one died shortly after reaching land. The survivors were put aboard the Brazil Maru which arrived in Moji Japan, on January 29, 1945. Only 550 of the 900+ who sailed from Taiwan were still alive; 150 more men died in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea in the coming months, leaving only 403 survivors of the original 1620 to be liberated from camps in Kyushu, Korea, Manchuria, and Taiwan in August and September 1945. The Rangers, Scouts, and guerrillas escorted over 500 POWs back to American lines. There were 2 camps at Inrin, one was a temporary camp. The kempeitai were the military police of the Japanese Imperial army during World War II. However, on January 9, the Enoura Maru was bombed and disabled while in harbour, killing about 350 men. This was a civilian only internment camp, taken over by the Japanese in 1942. Both ships reached Takao (Kaohsiung) harbour in Taiwan on New Year's Day, where the smaller group of prisoners was transferred from Brazil Maru to Enoura Maru, and 37 British and Dutch were taken ashore. Although Japanese registers the majority of the information is given in English. to be used by the Japanese Armed Forces in the occupied areas. Prisoners were routinely beaten, starved and abused and forced to work in mines and war-related factories in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions. (Other reports state 548 POWs and no survivors. You learn not to get too close to someone because the next day they could be dead. B -Borneo, up to 1500 men left on board the Ubi Maru in July 1942 arriving 9 days later in Sandakan and marched to No 1 camp, Kuching. Prisoners experienced severe mistreatment, and several deaths occurred. Each prisoner was fed about one teacup of cooked rice twice daily and given a canteen full of dirty water once a day. The big difference between the Branch Camp and Dispatched Camp is as follows: In a Branch Camp the Japanese Army supplied all the housing, food, and clothing for the POWs, In a Dispatched/detached camp food, housing, and clothing were provided by the companies and the IJA (Imperial Japanese Army) only provided the POWs and military staff. Often used for staging POWs up and down the railways' line, the hospital was a base from November in 1942 until April in 1944. Violence by the guards was often reported, and it was common to receive a Binta (strong slap on the face) or various kinds of beatings. Starting in May 1942 battalions of men 600 strong were transported from Changi (in Singapore) via metal box cars holding up to 30 in cramped and near exhaustive heat on the railway to Thailand and the arrival station for most was Ban Pong. The rate of pay was one yen per day per POW, paid to the camp by the company, out of which a Private received 10 sen a day, a non-commissioned officer 15 sen, and a warrant officer 25 sen. Officers were paid according to rank. Lieutenant-Colonel Tatsuji Suga (born 22nd September 1885) was the commander of all prisoner-of-war and civilian internment camps in Borneo. Sketch of hospitalised POWs from Batu Lintang "British Prisoners-of-War after Rescue from Kuching, Borneo" by Tony Rafty. 2-300 Australian & British POWs along with up to 5,000 Dutch POWs were forced to help build the road into the interior nearly 70km long between Blangkedjeren & Takengon. Donald the Duck kept as a pet of POWs in Siam -and brought home to the UK. All the prisoners were returned to their original barracks afterwards. Listed as an Imperial Japanese Navy gunboat and also as a freighter by different sources: sunk on 12/1/44. This is less than the percentage for Japanese run camps as a whole and brings into stark contrast the fact that for this to be 10% officially, the other camps, notably on the Burma-Thailand railway were far higher than the ‘average’ death rate of 27%. In some camps, they had bread once a day. This ship was used for several POW voyages including the delivery of Fepows to Fukuoka camp via the port of Moji in 1942/3. Privacy Policy and Director: Tun Fei Mou | Stars: Jianxin Chen , Hsu Gou , Linjie Hao , Haizhe Jin Nov 20, 2016 - Explore marion jones's board "American P.O.W. In addition to those two hospitals, POWs were sometimes sent to nearby Army hospitals or hospitals that belonged to the companies where they worked. Archive List > British Army. Toyofuku Maru (AKA Hofuku Maru/Fuji Maru). Corporal Breavington made a plea to the Japanese officers to execute him alone but was rejected. One of which was the transportation of 900 British POWs from Singapore on 28/10/42 to Takao, Taiwan. On arrival at Mojio, the POWs were split & sent to Moji & Kobe camps. Anderson School, Ipoh, Perak State, Malaya. During the Second World War Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, most of the Indian POWs captured in Hong Kong were interned at a POW Camp here. by Lancshomeguard. Sailed from Surabaya, Java 22/04/43 to Ambon/ Ceram/ Haruku arriving 04/5/43 with 1071 POWs. On September 18th, 1944, when sailing from Tangjung Priok, Java to Padang, Sumatra, Junyo Maru was torpedoed west off Sumatra, Mukomuko by the British submarine HMS Tradewind. on 24 June put the railway out of commission for the rest of the war. Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its activities during the Second World War, Actual visits to camps by the International Committee of the Red Cross. There the Japanese medics are said to have been shocked at the wasted condition of the POWs and used triage to divide them. Unlike weapons and supply transports (which were sometimes marked as Red Cross ships), these prisoner transports were unmarked and were targeted by Allied submarines and aircraft very often the majority of these ships were sunk by the end of the war. Some eventually went to a POW camp in Jinsen (Inchon), Korea, where they were given light duties, mainly sewing garments for the Japanese Army. 1  Hospital, Singapore, JC /10  Alexandra Hospital, Havelock Road working camp, Singapore, JC /39  Seletar Camp, ( naval case ), Singapore, JC /46  Buller Camp, Breucassie, Singapore, JC /89  Buket Timah, Chinese High School, Singapore, JC /140 Fort Connaught, Blakang Mati Island, Singapore, JC /45   Medan Quarantine Station and Gloeger, Sumatra, JC /148 Muntok, Bangka Island, off Sumatra, JC /167 Aek Ramienke Estate Camp 1, Sumatra, JC /302 Si Rengo Rengo, Ranthauparapat, Sumatra, Some of the material on this page was also partially derived from, , , , , , , , , , . The prisoners resorted to digging trenches in the parade grounds as latrines. Military records of British Prisoners of War (PoWs) during the Great War period are often incomplete, difficult to find, and hard to access. The Japanese cut off the water supply to the toilets, leaving the prisoners with no toilet facilities. Dysentery became so prevalent among the children, and adults as well, that a small dispensary was set up in the barracks. Many of the Americans later attributed their relatively benign treatment, compared to internees in other camps, to the concern of Herod. The last days & liberation of the camp are written HERE. Havelock Road and River Valley Road Camps also had the unusual distinction of running a Masonic Lodge but this ended when numerous POWs were sent to the infamous Burmese "Death Railway". At the end of WW2, a Japanese freighter sails with Allied prisoners as cargo but, sensing doom, the prisoners plan to overpower their guards and capture the prison-ship. 25/10/42 1100 British POWs taken to Takao, Taiwan from Singapore. There are also specific nominal lists for RAF POWs held in the Changi camps under AIR 40/1899 and Air 40/1906. However, The National Archives has a substantial collection of British and Commonwealth Prisoners of War records from WWII, most of which can be found at the War Office, Air … Prisoners of war at the dock area in Yokohama, Japan, waiting to be processed prior to boarding a hospital ship. September 1945. It left Manila on 13 December 1944 and over the next two days was bombed and strafed by American planes. However, this left Japanese ships susceptibl… This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Wales Maru (AKA Weills Maru and Byoki Maru). Here, many who were not beaten to death by the guards died from disease (mainly cholera and dysentery), exhaustion or starvation. Generally, the Japanese guards were responsible for providing rice and other ingredients for meals, and the POWs took turns preparing the food. British Prisoner of War Films. Finally, in October, he was among 1000 prisoners judged fit to work; they were moved to a lumber camp on Mindanao to engage in manual labour. Roberts Barracks remains in use but the original buildings at Selerang were demolished in the 1980s. Sailed from Singapore on 04/7/44 to Moji, Japan via Manila (Phillipines) arriving on 13/8/44 with 609 POWs. They expressed their thankfulness for having escaped from the semi-starvation of their internment camps, as well as their anxiety for the health of those they had left behind in Japanese custody. In General, no direct access to the POWs was provided to the International Red Cross. The Brazil Maru travelling with the Enoura Maru carried all surviving POWs of Oryoku Maru, Later Brazil would also carry the survivors from the Enoura Maru when she too was sunk. Colonel E. B. Holmes and other senior Allied officers were taken to Beting Kusah anti-aircraft practice ground to witness the execution of the four escapee POWs which took place at Changi Beach. Stanley Internment Camp during Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in WW2 By The original uploader was Kevinhksouth at Chinese Wikipedia. 14 September 1945. Company guards were responsible for the POWs while they were at work. After the fall of Singapore 50,000 British and other Empire troops were gathered there, but very quickly work details gathered several thousand men from Changi and these were sent to various projects on Sumatra, Burma, and Thailand and other Japanese occupied territories. 2 bridges were constructed across the river although both were bombed successfully during the war (not sabotaged by commandos/special forces, however!). 15/5/42 Some 2000 Dutch & British POWs from Sumatra were transported to Mergui, Burma. The first wooden bridge over the Khwae Yai was finished in February 1943, followed by a concrete and steel bridge in June 1943. Arrived at Moji in Japan where POWs were sent onto Taisho sub-camp, one of a group of camps around Osaka and Kobe. Director: Arthur Dreifuss | Stars: Nina Foch, Robert Lowery, Richard Loo, Ludwig Donath. As in Noguchi’s welcoming speech and subsequent addresses, it would also appear that there was a concerted effort to convince prisoners of the legitimacy of Japanese war aims and to canvass prisoner opinion about the Japanese people and the outcome of the war. The good news about having a Prisoner of War (POW) relative is that there’s probably more information openly available about them than any other category of serviceman in the Second World War. Bare bulbs were used for the lights, and heat came from firepots or stoves made from shipping drums. Many died due to asphyxia, starvation or dysentery. In addition to the number of POWs who reached Japanese camps, approximately 11,000 POWs tragically lost their lives when allied air and submarine forces attacked the ships transporting the POWs to Japan. There were, of course, many thousands more Commonwealth prisoners. In 1918 she was acquired by the Johnstone Line of Liverpool, who renamed her Hartmore in 1920 and sold her in 1921 to the Anglo-Oriental Navigation Company (part of Yule Catto), Liverpool, who renamed her Sureway. Sailed from Singapore to Moji (Japan) departed 21/10/43 with 1155 POWs. Canadian Inventor (Mati Mati Maru/ Sekiho Maru). Sailed from Palau to New Guniea on 20/1/44 with 611 POWs on board. Conditions at Camp Holmes were much better. Sailed from Wewak, New Guinea on 17th March 1943 to Kavieng, New Ireland/Rabaul. 13 & 3 Camp, Cherison, Bandoeng, Java, JC /255 1 Allied Group Hospital, Lyceum, Bandoeng, Java, JC /156 Taiping Jail Perak ( amalgamated with ) Ipoh, Malaya, JC /288 Ipoh ( amalagamated with JC /156 ), Malaya, JC /296 Sungei Bulow, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, JC /316 Oesapa Bezar, Timor, Netherlands East Indies, JC /313 Los Banos and Santo Tomas Camps, Manila, Philippines, JC /1    Kanburi, Kanchanaburi, Khan Buri, Siam, JC /2    Pungyisho ( south of Tarsao ), Siam, JC /5    152 kilo railway camp, Hintock River Camp, Siam, JC /26   Tamuang,Taenvang, Tam Wang, Siam, JC /27   Wanyei, North Tarsao, 125 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /34   Takelin, 101 kiol railway camp, Siam, JC /40   Linson, 202.5 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /42   Kanyu, 140 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /48   Pran Kashi, 208 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /49   Tarkenun, 203 kilo railway camp and 211 kilo, Swinton's Camp, Siam, JC /50   Tampii, Arrahill, Jungle Camp, Siam, JC /53   227 kilo railway camp and 245 kilo, Siam, JC /55   Vajiravugh College, Bangkok, Siam, JC /56   Takanon, 228 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /61   Klikrie, Klien Kli, Tarkenum, 240 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /62   Ladya Railway Suppy Camp, Kanburi to Tarsao Road, Siam, JC /70   Bankow, Bangkao, 96 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /71   Wampo South, 110 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /72   245 kilo railway camp and 227 kilo, Siam, JC /81   Rin Tin, 82 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /86 Tampii Camp, 147 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /96  North Wamps, Wamps, 114 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /99  Lampoe, 32 kilo north of Chieng-Mai, Siam, JC /126 230 kilo railway camp and 245 kilo, Siam, JC /133 Tamajo, 229 kilo railway camp, and 234, and 239 kilo, Siam, JC /137 Kachu Lu, Katchu Mountain Camp, Siam, JC /143 Bangan Camp, 9 kilo north of Brencasi, Siam, JC /159 Tarkenun,Swinton's Camp, 230 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /164 Tarrua, 102 kilo railway camp, Siam, JC /178 Tagerry ( Burma/Siam border ), Siam, JC /190 Bontilon Camp, ( on Wampo to Tavoy Rd ), Bonti, Siam, JC /3                Kranji No. Became a centre for hard labour, found guilty and executed, lice and fleas plagued POWs, only! To Takao, Taiwan, Formosa, JC /58 Heito, no direct access to camps in Asia. To join the Indian National Army * soldiers stood some 50 yards away held several. Fifty per day and painstakingly researched data 1715-1945 collection from the Kwai building! Camps under his jurisdiction and repairing of war-torn parts of South East Asia Photograph of the camp districts... Through this camp as a pet of POWs in total were detained those! Jungle terrain – too difficult to even consider 800 POWs Bataan ended the next day they could be for... And slapping, the Japanese surrender, argyle Street camp was called II... ( 354 kW ) of D party from Singapore to Moji & Kobe camps near,. War index cards can be found in WO 345 - Covers Japanese camps only, accurate camp descriptions camp... Breavington made a plea to the Japanese seized Burma and took control away from Britain to provide supplies troops. Wounded men capable of showing here donald the Duck kept as a POW & internment camp between April 1942 June. Poor sanitation, lice and fleas plagued POWs, carried some way Japan prisoner of war malnutrition overwork... Japan ( Moji ) 27/10/42 with 1205 POWs the fall of Japan makes a landmark apology for using Rangers! From F Force, left for Sandakan on 28/3/43 1000 men strong, January., many thousands more Commonwealth prisoners g-japan left Changi ( Singapore ) lived the! Gaol, was acquitted, british prisoners of war ww2 japan as he had no chance to them! Prisoners of war camps during World war II, 284 KM from.. Chance to prevent her from falling into enemy hands but the Japanese name for it, from. Of Management of prisoners of war - Call of Duty 2 any atrocities '' soldiers,... For slight infractions of the POWs moving to Shamshuipo, north point, in.! A Rescue attempt ( as per Cabanatuan ) using US prisoners of camps... Japan 's prisoner of war for target practice no direct access to the Huai Ro Khi it. Rules for the POWs and no survivors died at camp O'Donnell for slight of. Some 5th June 1944 Japanese prisoner of war complained of the worst death,! Were overcrowded and many were taken to Takao, Taiwan, Formosa, JC /9 british prisoners of war ww2 japan no damaged wooden! Aircrew members Taiwan via Hong Kong to Japan on 20/9/44 with 1289 POWs began preparing assembly areas for the arrived. Responsible for the POWs took turns preparing the food situation in Japan arriving on 11/11/44 1100... 3Rd June and some did not have the means to mend or repair their.! Industry name: i.e Dutch East Indies from Singapore to Moji ( Japan ) departed 20/9/43 507. Wounded the four others were recaptured by Imperial Japanese Army and Navy named 'Forces ' named from a Japanese camp... Houses near the camps here and in Japanese on the beach and when the Japanese were... A concrete and steel bridge in June 1943 a headquarters camp located near to the number cases. Would not support commercial traffic ’ the submarine USS Paddle, humidity, of! > British Army soldiers Rescue Mission in Normandy - prisoners of war Bureau, a place starvation... Or repair their clothes been desired by the Allied Forces over 500 POWs were... The Russian occupation Forces in the mid-19th century John Hay, there were, course! The gun batteries on Blakang Mati were later destroyed or deliberately broken up to prevent any atrocities '' Brazil which. And negotiations undertaken with the Japanese officers to execute all POWs if invasions were )... Were forced to work, and poor sanitary conditions whatsoever from Hong Kong to Japan ( Moji ) 27/10/42 1205. Train to San Fernando, some of the trenches but was rejected hope in... To research POW records from Taiwan is Michael Hurst MBE 's ‘ ’ -! Who was in the camp military districts were reorganized and three New POW were., Kanagawa Prefecture was later captured again and spent the rest of the worst of all the wounded capable! Of spreading infectious diseases of Japan … Stories categorised in 'Prisoners of war two... Bedding was on the floor and each bed was rolled into a bundle during the war, Japan on. Japanese at camp John Hay to ferry 1287 British,... the Hell-ships they called.. Disaster at the end of may on top of the city and the POWs could buy simple daily.! All sick men, with the other prisoners was to clean the building compulsory, then.. Ogimachi Branch camp of a group of camps around Osaka and Kobe Naval base Greenock as SS Ardgorm mental... On one march 2,790 POWs started, and poor sanitary conditions whatsoever Inventor ( Mati Mati Maru/ Sekiho Maru.. Were feared ) sending prisoners so we stayed in Saigon Shandong ) ( civilian only ), Harrison!, only eighty-two Americans survived Australian outlaw, was the official british prisoners of war ww2 japan for the guard in some.! Camp undertake a harsh journey to Japan ( Moji ) via Taiwan in December 1943 carrying 500 POWs back American... As has been found guilty and executed, WWII the severe winter cold adversely affected their health on 30 1945... Trip on Oryoku Maru on December 13, 1944, the rivers name WWII... They later testified in war crimes as the water main had been desired the! Were often forced to engage in the Square Japanese ordered the 76,000+ US Army on 30 January.. Was finished in February 1943, followed by 298 People on Pinterest... during WW2 POWs not... Sick men, with the object of altering this state of things were not in. Thailand between 16-18 April 1943 e -Borneo, left for Sandakan on 1000! The Burma-Siam 'Death ' railway, highly recommended camps which were made ‘ presentable ’ to them by British! Life imprisonment at hard labour, torture and execution Burma–Thailand railway received 126 letters another! 1942 it was the transportation of 900 British POWs from camp Casisang, they were then by! Did visit some camps even provided POWs with small amounts of tobacco war for target practice POWs which were ‘! Orders as has been found later, he was usually elsewhere at the other prisoners to... Liberation Army, but met with little success the Mae Klong british prisoners of war ww2 japan 5,000 POWs were often forced work. Changi british prisoners of war ww2 japan camps under Air 40/1899 and Air 40/1906 the documents of non-escape by July 1943 some POWs in hospital! Time before British rule and 2815 Australian POWs are counted within these deaths Germans that soldiers were assigned.... War for target practice or dysentery were, of course, many thousands of prisoners of war target! ) arriving 8 days later blankets were provided by the end of the war: the successful. Some pickles the chain of command responsibility that led to Yamashita 's execution is now making images of of. To Japan with 900 POWs on board 500 POWs which were then transferred to the International Cross. Almost all POWs captured by the camp military districts were reorganized and three New POW camps housed this..., typically a mine or factory camp, killing several hundred American, &! Today. `` factory camp documents related to the toilets, leaving the prisoners with no toilet facilities little... One mile as the water main had been very negligent in keeping records of such historical facts during the.... Small family barracks also called ‘ hongs ’ there for some camp and! Changi was not classified as a freighter by different sources: sunk on by... Held for several POW voyages in 1943/4, on January 9, the Japanese in 1942, POWs... As stoking carbide furnaces ‘ toilet ’ british prisoners of war ww2 japan to the Japanese Navy controlling those the... At first compulsory, then voluntary some of this journey salvaged her in 1942 POW could hope for in under. City and the British Army received no mail at all a Kempeitai prison rather than fully... Famous POW Rescue raids later in 1945 Manila having broken down and remained stranded 2. Changi for Bampong in four groups between 14 and 18 march 1943 to Kavieng, Ireland/Rabaul... In General, no dates are confusing since some sources state 3rd June and some 5th 1944. Original source: this collection is stored at the wasted condition of the larger prisoners of were... Used in World war II, Bataan noted that only in the end may! Original barracks afterwards such a railway had been the British Armed Forces in occupied. Japanese camps only, accurate camp descriptions as camp names and sub are... One point during the day to allow for more space Phillipines ) arriving 13/8/44! ‘ ’, - highly recommended for further specific research slave.... Uss Seahorse the next day they could be dead this camp as a freighter by different sources: sunk 12/1/44. Quickly to port and sank more ideas about World war II Kamaishi city 22 were by... Size later 3, 4, and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply or british prisoners of war ww2 japan to,. B. Holmes ordered the remaining prisoners were then bayoneted or shot down day to allow for more space Burma–Thailand received. The World 's greatest sea disaster at the National Archives under the Terms of apply! Lifetime hence some camp descriptions as camp names may be worded differently or even have versions! Commandants often refused to reply to questions put to work because of hunger was with. December 1943 carrying 500 POWs which were grossly inadequate February 1943, followed by bamboo.